Go West

from by brunch



The souls paved over on the roads of progress


The sky was red, sea was green
The forest spoke to me

The sky was red, sea was green,
The flowers spoke to me

There comes a time, comes a time,
When what you don’t know,

Will kick you in the eye, in the eye,
Don’t know you don’t know,

My friend, my friend, I do adore ya,
Go out west, I do deplore ya,
You’ll never have to leave,
Never have to leave, he said

In the desert there’s a wasteland paradise
Swallowed our fates and our fears
At the cornerstone, check stubs pilling up
Nothing is cheaper than beer,
And I don’t hear, Much at all about
Space, the final frontier
And I don’t care, Kick back and live it up,
Nothing gets better from here.

Take it up/ Tear it down / Make it up / It’s all fair

And as the grass grows, water flows,
You will never have to leave, again, he said
And if you go there, I swear,
you will never have to leave, again, he said

To go west my friend, I do adore ya,
Go out there, I do deplore ya,
You’re gonna have to leave,
You’re too close to me, he said,

And in Antarctica, an icecap’s waiting and
Patiently space disappears,
On the trading floor, debts are taken now,
Costs are paid in arrears,
And I don’t hear, about the weather now
Is it foggy, or clear?
I don’t fear, Much at all except the way,
I feel when you’re near,

I don’t fear, Much at all except the way I feel,

When you’re near me,
So hear me, so clearly,
Top down way of life,
Got me dreaming backwards

The markets close,
And Burning Man grows,
Past the desert,
and out onto the sidewalk,

A wooden smile,
A holocaust coat,
They’ll rob you blindly,
When you need it most

Bye, bye! Buy the change you want to
See, it ain’t me you’re looking for

Bye, bye! Buy the things you want to be,
It ain’t me, it aint we, it ain’t free


from brunch, released December 29, 2015



all rights reserved


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